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As some of you will know this has been a long time coming getting to the outer reaches of Borneo to see our Cousins the Oorangs. One of only 4 Oorang sanctuaries in the world, if ever you want to see them in their own habitat this is the place to come.

Although we were a little disappointed that it was more like a low key theme park with lots of screaming children, it was still worth the trip up here to see them.

We were fortunate enough to see one of the Oorangs right up close as we moved away from the crowds and one came up the path towards us, quite scary actually, not sure who was more scared of who(well I do) but fantastic to see these creatures up close.

We spent the morning in the centre to witness them have their daily 10am feed which to our surprise attracted quite a few, mostly the youngsters.

Whilst walking off into the forest along come a whole trail of monkeys to try and get some food as well... Let me tell you these guys were ready to jump you should you try anything, quite scary, yeah I know you'd think us human's wouldn't be scared of these little fella's but you should see the look they give you.

So after our morning bonding with the furry chaps, it was time to move onto the capital of Sabah Kota Kinabalu.

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