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We started by getting up relatively early this morning as we had a full day ahead of us. Angie and Alyse had breakfast while I updated the travel website. After that was done, we got on the road to Beleek pottery company HQ for a tour of the factory and shopping. It was a really nice drive there, and Angie stopped and took pictures all alogn the route of lambs, lakes, and Alyse and I of course. We got to the Beleek factory (which is in Northern Ireland) and did a little shopping, then our tour. It was very interesting learning about how the pottery is made, with most of the components done by hand. Molds are made, then poured, smoothed, then handles are added. Then handmade decorative flowers are added to the piece. Finally, the piece gets fired (in the kiln) multiple times. They also subject all pieces to a quality control check, where any with imperfections are broken...Alyse even got to break one that couldn't live up to the Beleek standards! We did more shoppign after the tour, then we got back on the road to Eniskillen. This seemed like a really nice town, and we stopped at a castle to get directions to the Butter Market (crafts). The castle museum's gift shop had some cute things that we purchased first though. Alyse got a lamb keyring, Angie got a bracelet, and Wendi got a necklace. Afterwards, we quickly walked to the market. Unfortunately, a lot of the stores were closed on Wednesday. one artist who painted and then embroidered her work was open for buisness, though. She had awesome work, and Wendi made a purchase. We all had an ice cream snack (Tickety-moo, a dairy farm that makes its own ice cream!). We then made our way to Kilronan Castle. We were going to stop at a local pub for dinner, but every town seemed to be closed down for church or St. Patrick's Day. So it ended up being dinner at the castle again! Alyse had potato and leek soup and a burger, Angie had seafood chowder and fish and chips, and Wendi had potato and leek soup and steak and veggies.

Side note: We stopped for a quick snack during the afternoon, and tried an interesting flavor of chips...prawn cocktail! They became Wendi's new favorite!

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