Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Shirley and Izzy at our Neptune Beach Fl

We are still here at Don and Jeanne's RV resort. Jeanne's brother Steve and his wife Donna are also here. Last night we had the gang over for hots and hamburgers, salads etc. All purchased at Publix of course. More organizing by Shirley. Today Don and I are going to a Braves game in Lakeland. Day game, so sun glasses,sun screen and Braves hat are in order.

Going to try and add some pics. Can't find the ones we took last night at the dinner party. Hope they come out. It will only get better.

Oh. If you see a funny character in the pics, this is Izzy. Yup the same from the '96 Atlanta Olympics. This is the mascot of the VA lab where Shirley worked. Izzy is on a road trip with us for a year.

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