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Historic Downtown Eureka

More of Eureka

More Eureka

Fisherman Statue at Woodley Island Marina

Fishing Boats at Woodley Island Marina

Wooden Figures in the Romano Gabriel Garden

More of the Romano Gabriel Figures

The Samoa Cookhouse

Eating Lunch at the Samoa Cookhouse

Today we were having work done on the RV but they could not be there until afternoon so we decided to go into Eureka and see the town. Eureka was and is a lumber port but there is also fishing. We went to the historic downtown area and took some pictures of some of the buildings. We were headed to the Samoa Cookhouse for breakfast but when we called they said they had a power outage and would not be open until 11:00am. So we drove over to see if they were open and found they were still working. We drove back to Eureka stopping at the Woodley Island Marina for some more pictures. When we got back to Eureka we went to the Romano Gabriel Gardens, which is really just a storefront with his artwork behind glass. He was a fisherman by trade who made these figures from vegetable crates to put in his front yard. After seeing the artwork, we drove up Hwy 101 for a little ways then returned to the Samoa Cookhouse. This is an old lumber camp cookhouse, the last of its kind in the U.S. The meals are served family style and you get whatever is on the menu that day. It is all you can eat. Today was fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, calypso beans and corn. The meal comes with soup, salad and dessert as well as free coffee or tea. For lunch the meal is $12.95 with a 10% discount for seniors. The chicken was great and the rest was good too. When we had finished stuffing ourselves, we headed back to the RV and spent the afternoon hanging out.

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