Koocanusa Bridge

Our drive today was along the west side of the Koocanusa Lake


Entering the Amish Community





Cool Amish Store



Jerry checking out the strange truck :)

Strange truck :)

Inside Cafe

Carved bears


Jerry could not pass on this one :-)

Back outside, side view. :-)

More hand made goodies for sale

We saw a lot of beautiful horses

Canada geese family in Tooley Lake

Another Osprey nest, they are all over this area

Next, we drove to Boulder Lake looking for moose and bears

It was another beautiful drive, this area is stunning!!

We got up to about 5,000 feet before having to turn around

The road started to get really bad, fallen trees in the road...

Yikes...time to turn around!

We wished we could complete the drive, it was awesome!

The bear ran so fast, this was the best photo I could...

View on the way back


The only moose we saw today :-)

Our last stop was the Eureka Farmers Market, notice the huge fishing...

Another view

Cool yard in Eureka

Another view

Back home, a Clark's Nutcracker at our feeder

Another view

A couple of Mule Deer found our feeders too :-)


Last one!

We have really enjoyed our stay in Eureka. I am doing a catch-up today of all the places we have visited in the last few days. This will be out last update from the area.

Our drive today took us to a unique Amish community called West Kootenai. The Amish here are totally different from most we have seen. They drive cars...we saw a lot of horses, but no buggies. We passed a couple of ladies in the little hats in cars and were shocked. :-) We visited the local grocery store and enjoyed seeing all the unique items for sale.

After the store we stopped at Tooley Lake to look for moose and birds. We were told this area has a lot of moose and birds. We didn't have any moose luck but we did see three different Canada geese families, that was cool!

After the lake we headed about 12 miles up in the mountains to visit Boulder Lake. This area is a common feeding area for moose and grizzly bears. It was an awesome drive with beautiful waterfalls and great scenery. Once we got to about 5,000 feet, we started to notice a lot of trees in the road and snow. We had to turn around and go back. We were so disappointed. We wanted to see the lake and look for moose. We did see one bear on the way back, he stopped in the road for a second, then ran like lightning when he saw us. I didn't even have time to zoom in with a picture. :) We were still very happy to see our first bear in the wild in Montana. We had a great time and would love to come back to this area again.

We will be heading north to parts of Canada next. We won't have our phone service or our Sprint computer card. We are hoping to find good WiFi spots for keeping in touch. If not, we will update again as soon as we are back in the USA. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

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