Monterey Bay Aquarium

A view from the back deck of Monterey Bay

Kayakers in Monterey Bay

Barb touching a Sea Cucumber

Live Exhibit of Shore Birds



Live Penquins

Coral Reef Fish


Jelly Fish



Sea Horse ( reflected and appearing double)

Barb's New Friend

A view down Cannery Row

Bill's New Friend




This Driver backed in next to our rig!

Our event today was a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Check out the aquarium's website at for a sample of the experience one can have when visiting this special landmark. It is certainly the best we have visited. Today was World Ocean Day and crowds flocked the museum. The exhibits are so dynamic and fascinating. The amount of individual interaction is a special feature. One can experience the feel of many sea creatures while a volunteer explains the organism. Especially cool was the seahorse exhibit. This sea oddity has a lifestyle that is totally amazing and fascinating. The display of jellyfish is also uniquely done and reveals the delicate colors and motions of these sea creatures. The music in the exhibit emphasizes the delicate slow motion ballet of these often misunderstood sea creatures. The sea otters are a huge draw as they exhibit almost human like behavior. We were able to see scuba divers feeding large sharks and other huge sea creatures. It is a must see wonder on the Pacific Coast. We had a wonderful lunch at The C Restaurant in the new Intercontinental Hotel on the Bay. Bill and I had pasta and grilled pacific sardines. Barbara had arctic char sushi on a croissant. The taste treat of both was special. We then walked the streets and shops of Cannery Row --the historic area that was Steinbeck's home and the inspiration for his unforgettable novel Cannery Row.

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