Rock Pattern

Rock shapes





Unusual Rock"Head"

Sand Strata Rock




View through a Cypress Tree


Seal colony

Whaler's Cabin

Pots to Boil Blubber


Hidden Beach

Carmel Shops

Salmon Caesar

Scallops and prawns

The Ladies Find a Shop

Bubbling Fountain


We drove 20 miles south to Point Lobos State Reserve. This Reserve is probably one of the most photogenic areas of the California Coast. It is the nature's color palette at its grandest scale. The diversity of the flowers,coastal rock formations,seascape and trees make it a special jewel. Birds and seals are in abundance and the deer roam the forest meadows as those meadows work their way to the rolling coastal hills to the east. It is a landscape artists dream. We hiked 5 miles through this paradise. Point Lobos was once the site of a whaling station and an abalone cannery. The Point Lobos landscape is a mosaic of bold headlands,irregular coves,and rolling meadows. It was produced over millions of years through interaction between land and sea. Rocks formed below the surface were uplifted ,exposed,and then shaped by waves and weather into an amazing pattern of forms. The panorama of photographs only begin to tell the story. The smells,the sounds,the feel--all the senses become involved. Do not miss the chance to visit this park! We then drove a couple miles back north into Carmel. Carmel is a glamorous beach side community populated by countless shops and galleries. Restaurants and Bistros dot the area and provide an endless choice for food. We ate at The ladies then splurged on an entire afternoon shopping expedition while I scoured the town for the best sourdough bread-a personal favorite. Another great day.

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