Sea Otter

Sea Otters at Play


Sea Lions (Large!)

A Dental Meeting


Blue Herron in Flight

White Herron

Pelican Colony

A Hard Seal Day

Sea Otter Resting

Sea Otter Spots Me


Lobster roll at Phil's


Fishing Vessel-note seals on dock

A local resident

The Harbor adjacent to our RV park

Downtown Moss Landing

The RV Park Host's Residence

The Elkhorn Slough is a 17 mile long tidal slough and estuary on Monterey Bay. It harbors the largest tract of tidal salt marsh in California outside of San Francisco Bay. It provides a much needed habitat for plants and animals including more than 340 species of birds. There are more than 5000 acres contained herein. Many have worked hard to return the area to marshland after a century or more of drainage and dyke construction to provide farmland. Touring this area today by kayak demonstrates the vital role the slough plays in developing a plentiful supply of bird,plant and sea mammals. Seals abound in the area and raise their pups here. Also plentiful are the amazing sea otters. They are the cutest of the mammals in that they are most playful and amusing. They float on their backs while they eat their delicacies of clams, mussels and other sea life. They then roll and dive for more food and resurface to float and munch again. They often group in schools and play with each other in amusing ways. There are massive colonies of pelicans and white pelicans. Herons wade everywhere. Many varied shore birds hunt the sandy shore areas. Seagulls raise their chicks. Bivalves fill the sandy banks and spurt forth their seawater like tiny squirt guns. There is life and activity everywhere. We paddled about 8 miles. Bill rented a single kayak so our friend Lana could ride with Nancy in her dual person kayak. We had a grand time and paddled hard to make our way back to port. We had to fight the incoming tide and a 15knot wind on our way back. We got a great workout. We had another fabulous dinner at Phil's Fish Market,adjacent to our RV park. I had Cioppino while Barb had a lobster roll.

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