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We started the day with a tour of the Old Jameson Whiskey Distillery, learning about the making of John Jameson's Irish Whiskey through to the different stages, including grain intake, malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation, maturation and bottling. We finished the tour with Dan taking part in a taste test between Jameson, Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels, comparing the best whiskey, Dan of course picking Jameson. We also got a free glass of Jameson with various mixes, Leah now loving whiskey with cranberry juice.

It was then back to the hostel to pick up our luggage and take the long ride 16A bus to the airport. Checking in with Ryanair we found ourselves 4kg overweight. Instead of throwing stuff out ie.nutella, vegemite and even books Dan pays the €20 per kg = €80! Leah not happy with Dan!

We arrive Liverpool airport to be welcomed by Nana Fitz. A short trip on the bus and train to arrive at Southport and back to Nana's place. A bacon barn for dinner and a few cups of tea and coffee later we have settled in nicely.

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