Alaska Gold Trip 2011 travel blog

7/10 Sunday

Rainy day at Moore creek

Today we decided to do some serious high banking up on the hill by the tent camp. It took 2 1/2 hours to set up.  Tim was pissed.  Just when we got started we ran out of gas.  Finally we where able to do 3 plus hours of hard work until our bodies gave out or it was dinner time. When it wasn't raining, Tim did some metal detecting.  He is king of finding nails, hammer heads, toy parts, axe heads and other junk. For dinner we had BBQ bear with bread and salad.  Al regaled as with his story of being attacked by a mother bear because he was taking pictures of the cubs. Man he is luckily  alive.

There are 2guys that are trying to stake a claim on 4th of July creek.  They are 1 1/2 miles from the claim.  This is their second time in Alaska.  They were at the GPAA cripple river camp in 2009. Unfortunately they brought the rainy weather.

7/11 Monday Last day at camp!

yea!  I'm looking forward to having a hot shower and that is motiving me to shovel dirt.  We worked on the high banker before breakfast and then until noon. Will post a picture of the nuggets found in the sluice box.  It was another rainy day. The plane came to get us at 3pm. Once we arrived in mc grath, it is only a 20 minute plane ride, we took showers. Boy did that feel good. The phone rang and it was Becca.  Talk about your heart stopping. No one was dead.  Instead our plane was cancelled to Anchorage. Oh well!

We had salad and stew for dinner with a strawberry meringue pie for dessert. After dinner, we checked out the local food store and bar. It was funny to watch the local antiquated news on tv.

7/12 Tuesday Sick day

I was up all night getting sick with some type of stomach bug and fever.  I'm glad it is a down day for us and I can just sleep.  We walked to the post office to mail out our concentrates.  (about 40 lbs) Likely I had some energy to do laundry. 

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