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July 14 - 15.

WOW and WOW and WOW and WOW. Who would have thought we would find whales in the redwood forests???

Firstly, how to describe walking through forest groves containing 2000 year old trees, standing 350 feet tall? The name of one of the roads is called Avenue of the Giants, and that they are. And it's amazing to see life existing after forest fires and new life growing from fallen trees.

We had a wonderful time being surrounded by these mighty trees, feeling the energy and getting a good perspective of life. The awesone beauty and the denseness of the forest is breath taking.

And having a bonus of seeing a mother & calf whale in a local river was over the top. This was wildlife we did not expect to see. They had fun swimming back and forth letting people photograph them. A great way to spend time on a sunny afternoon.

On our way south from the Redwoods we took the coast road and I enjoyed driving through the twisting and hilly roads before spotting the north Californain coastline. The only downside was that we weren't in a convertable sports car. The coast is really nice up here and were surprised to see campgounds right on the beach. Something to keep in mind for another time.

We ended up in Mendicino for a lovely dinner in the irish pub which included fresh oysters straight out of the sea. Delicious!!!

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