LIFES ONE LONG HOLIDAY - 2005 travel blog

Oxford on Avon - Christchurch

Aimee performing the Huka!

ANZ Memorial


Lake Tekapo - The Chuch of the Good Shepherd

Lake Tekapo

An Irish Lions supporter Van on route to Christchurch for the 1st...

Another day, another country...

After 3 long flights (Cairns -> Sydney -> Auckland ->

Christchurch), we finally made it to New Zealand - country #9! And

it's FREEZING!!!

Yes, we chose to travel through this stunning country

in the middle of winter. In fact, as most of you just

lived through the longest day of the year, we were

fortunate enough to be here for the shortest. It was

dark by 5 and won't get much better for the rest of

our stay here. At least the days will can only get longer...

Arrived in Christchurch about 8pm. Checked into our

first youth hostile since we've been away. A double

room but shared toilets and showers. We're used to

that since spending 2 months camping. But for some

reason it didn't seem right indoors...

Christchurch is a lovely town that is about to be

turned inside out by thousands of Brits. It is the

host of the first match of the 2005 Lions Rugby Tour

vs the NZ All Blacks this Sat night. We wandered the

streets for almost a whole day to get tickets, but

there was no chance as they have been sold out for


The town is decked out in black flags and signs

welcoming the Lions fans. And there's a huge standing

tribute to the team in Huka position in the town

center (see photo). You can't help but absorb the

energy and excitiement of this place in anticipation

of a tournament that happens only once every 12 years

in NZ.

Even I'm excited about it, having become a rugby fan

by default -- I have even let myself be brainwashed into believing that American

football is indeed, a wimp sport. Sorry, Dad!

We spent 2 days in Christchurch. Went out one night

to watch the Lions test match, but basically took it

easy. Went back to the hostile where they had a large

TV room. To our thrills and excitement, Rambo Part II

was on! So we suffered through that amidst the scent

of beans on toast and pot noodle emanating from the

kitchen and the loud conversation 2 girls were having

right behind us. As much as we were happy to

experience the hostile way of life, we're happy we

elected to hire a camper van again.

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