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Moose Is Loose Sign

Moose Is Loose Bakery

Mt Redoubt from Soldotna

Elaine's 21-inch Sockeye Salmon

GOOD NEWS!!! Had my 3-month blood test on Wednesday and when I called

Dr. Pinnamaneni’s office on this past Monday. My results were: NORMAL!

We decided to try our luck at salmon fishing in the Kenai River so Tuesday, we got some 30 test line, a new fishing rod, some red hooks, etc., and a 3-day license for me. We checked out the Moose Meadows where there is a boardwalk and cleaning station. Also, stopped at the “Moose is Loose” Bakery for some apple fritters. They are really yummy.

On Wednesday, we were off at 6 o’clock am to fish for red sockeye salmon. It really is combat fishing when you are on the boardwalk with another 15 or so fishermen. The first hit got away, the second one broke my line cause the drag wasn’t set tight enough; however, the third one didn’t get away and was about 21 inches long. Marvin said it probably weighed between 10 and 12 lbs. Needless to say it was quite an experience—they certainly are very active when you get one on your line.

I had a slight accident and twisted my knee and ankle trying to retrieve our coats before they got in the river. The salmon was in the cooler and wasn’t dead so he caused the coats to slide off the boardwalk. What I thought was solid ground turned out not to be. A couple of other folks who were fishing, lended me their knees to get back up on the boardwalk. Then I have developed a nasty sinus problem so didn’t go fishing today.

We plan to try our luck tomorrow, but we aren’t going at 6 o’clock. The fish weren’t hitting that early anyway and it was 36 degrees! About 9:30 or 10 o’clock was when I caught the salmon.

On the way home we stopped at the doctors’ office to pay my bill and got a look at Mt. Redoubt as we were travelling up Marydale in Soldotna.

Will let you all know how the fishing goes. Marvin is planning to go out for Halibut in Homer on Saturday and Sunday.

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