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We visited Diana Taplin, the owner.

Arc Lake


We kept a watchful eye on this loon and ...

this eagle.

Bank fishing on the Kenai River

The fish were striking.

At 97 pounds, this is the world record holder.

World record holder

2nd largest

After dropping Zac at Wagging Tails for a shampoo, we took advantage of the paved trail and did a 6 mile run. Zac is healing from a dog bite he received from an unleashed dog in a Soldotna neighborhood the last time we were here. Efforts to make contact with the owner have been in vain. We did not visit a vet, but have cared for it daily. He seems to be healing well.

We then visited with Diana Taplin, owner of Cad Re Feeds & Grandma's Cupboard. This is someone that we have heard about from Jack Dugger, Sr. in year's past. Diana and Jack shared common ties to their hometown. The two of them corresponded for years until Jack's death. Jean has continued that friendship. Diana's late husband served in the US Cavalry when it still had horses. The Cavalry term for a unit of men was Cadre; and the Cavalry term for the horse was Remount. Howard Taplin took the first part of both of those words, joined with a hyphen to form Cad-Re. The business opened in 1970. We enjoyed meeting her and came away with turkey eggs, a goose egg, dog treats, and a chocolate covered almond treat from Grandma's Cupboard.

Then we picked up a clean fluffy dog before heading to Arc Lake for our first canoeing in Alaska.

Arc Lake is a small, calm lake about one mile south of Soldotna. Since it's not a glacier fed lake, its water was only moderately cool. It was a perfect day with bright sunshine and scorching temperatures in the low 70's. We were excited to see a loon; however, it had some kind of fishing hook stuck in his chest and his bill was stuck through the loop of the hook. We took a picture and planned to contact Fish and Game until we talked to another woman who had already done that. It's questionable whether or not he could eat. We spent a couple of hours paddling around the lake.

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