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August 8 - 10.

One of the things Amy wanted to do while driving in this area was to stop at roadside markets run by local Indian nations. We found plenty of them in Navajo land all selling jewellery, pottery and dreamcatchers. They are all beautiful and well made by people on the reservation.

We stopped in a town called Page for what we thought was a few hours and ended up staying for 2 days. The area is fantastic and sits on Lake Powell which is a dam to supply electricity to many States across America.

As the temperature was hitting close to 100 we opted to swim late in the day to cool off. Finding a great spot we stayed till after sunset swimming and photographing to our hearts content.

A short morning hike to where the Colorado River bends in a horseshoe was very much worth the effort. The view from the cliff top is spectacular and the water blue and tempting. Another experience of being blown away.

And it didn't stop there. In the afternoon we toured the Antelope Canyon and received a truly jaw dropping site. This canyon is 400 yards long and the walls 40 feet high with the sandstone walls carved in swirles of colour and form. Think of walking through corridors of billowing silky curtains that play with the light coming in small openings above. This is a magic place...

The other adventure was the ride to and from the canyon. This included 3 miles each way driving in the deep loose sand of a dry river bed. Making it more fun was that the car was in 2 wheel mode for most of the way. It was really slipping and sliding.

We took time for more swimming to cool off from the heat. The water temp was 80F/25C which made it easy to get into. And because this use to be a canyon that the Colorado River ran through the edges are almost a straight drop off. No wading out up to your knees here, take 2 steps and dive in. The rocks and the water depth also give a great opportunity to test your bravado by jumping in from various heights.

It was interesting to hear many languages being spoken here, particularly European. It seems that there were more foreign tourists than Americans. It must be a well kept secret in the US. For us it was the gateway into Utah and all the National Parks that we are visiting, and we found it a very special place. Highly recommended.

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