Ginny's Adventures 2011 travel blog

the "Fit" kayak caravan!

kayaks longer than the car!

a summer getaway for some family!

Route 9 over the Stockport Creek

the rapids of the creek

interesting home for a boat!

going by the ruins of a time gone by . . .

Judy at the edge of the cascade

poor, poor, arthritic Willow!

Pat & "canal" gets narrower!

part of the kayak trail

an old shack lives on

thought this would make an interesting picture

bridge for freighters - wonder if still used?

Judy leads the way

Today, I had the pleasure of spending time with my good friends, Pat & Judy. We went kayaking where the Stockport Creek meets the Hudson River and it was a great adventure. Pat owns a Honda Fit also, and it is something to see kayaks longer than the car riding on top! I used Judy's kayak, as I didn't load my own before going up to Troy to visit them!

We saw an eagle and a little golden finch (not at the same time). We saw a beaver's den and an old shanty and summer camps along the creek. We found and explored waterways with cattails and purple flowers growing high on either side of us. It was easy to imagine I was kayaking through the canals in the Everglades, without the alligators!

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