Ginny's Adventures 2011 travel blog

just a few sculptures in the yard

looking from the front porch

he drilled a hole in the rock, stuck a rod through it...

put them together to make large shears

second house with sculptures

What do you think this sculpture means?

travels via remote control

huh? HA!

some creations by Ze'ev Willy Neumann

never thought of Saugerties as having sugar in tea!

Esopus Creek from where paper mill used to be

This weekend marked the 9th annual artists studio tour where local artists open up their studios and yards to the public. Dot and I went and saw about 10 of the 41 exhibits. We saw sculptures made of iron and metal sheets, rocks and wood, tar paintings, photography, ceramics, painted tiles, abstract oils, and even paper dolls with deep, personal issues! I couldn't take pictures of everything, but did get some sculptures and a remote control car and trailer!

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