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August 11

Zion seems to have 2 different personalities. On the east side entrance the landscape is different to the main area of the park and to me more interesting. The main area reminded me of a combination between Yosemite and Grand Canyon which is nice, however didn’t have the impact those 2 parks had.

The east side is very different and contains rock structures with checkerboard markings from the weather and a better feel. Far more interesting to me…

Another thing I liked that is unique to Zion is the 1 mile road tunnel to get into the park. This was an engineering feat in the 1930’s to blast through rock making a road tunnel with occasional windows to see the view. The problem is they made it too low for current day vehicles so anything over 11’4” (that’s us) need a transport guide or wait until we can drive through in a single lane.

The other feature that I liked was that no private cars can drive through the park to the main hiking and viewing areas. Everyone has to take the shuttle bus to keep traffic to a minimum.

So we shuttled to the sites and hiked a few short trails. The main one to the Narrows was very good and we found that if you take your swimmers you can splash around in the river. Unfortunately we didn’t know this before the hike so we went without a swim.

The best thing for us about staying at Zion was the resort we camped at for 2 nights. This place has everything from a games room (Amy finally got me to play ping pong, and won) to a pool. zip line, horse riding and plenty more. We had a fun time riding ATV’s for an hour doing some bush bashing around the property. Another hidden gem uncovered by accident.

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