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August 12 – 13.

Our adventure in Bryce National Park started on the drive there. One of our tyres (tires) stripped the tread while going at 65mph which made it very interesting for the remainder of the drive. Fortunately we were able to get to a service centre and have the tyre replaced at the RV owner’s expense.

This delayed our entry into park by a couple of hours though it did nothing to reduce the excitement and the joy and seeing the beautiful hoodoos that are in this park. This was an OMG moment if ever there was one.

There have been times on the trip where we are in such awe of what we are seeing that we stand and take 20 photos of the same thing simply because we can’t believe what we are seeing. This was 1 such time. The cameras were working overtime and we were able to catch both sunset and moonrise happening at the same time.

From the viewpoint overlooking the hoodoos they reminded me of orange & white ice cream towers and I wished I could dive in and start eating. The structure is amazing and the colour wonderful. At times the hoodoos looked like regimented soldiers standing at attention and in parts the scenery looked like it could be in an Arabian country.

We thought it a good idea to see the sunrise in Bryce and were treated to a combined sunrise and moonset. I really love moments like that and we spent time running from side to side of the viewpoint to get as many photos as we could of the 2 events. We also remembered to just stand and experience the golden moments happening before us.

The rest of the day was spent driving to other areas and doing a short hike. Getting below the rim and seeing these beautiful structures at eye level was great to do and thoroughly recommended. The benefits at all the national parks is that you can do hikes to suit where you are at. For us being able to do hikes of around 2 – 3 miles is just fine and we leave the long strenuous stuff to the serious players.

And it’s great to see the mountain ranges outside of the parks as we are driving. We never tire of the scenery and we are always pointing out to the other when something magnificent comes into view. This was definitely the case after we left Bryce and headed to Capitol Reef National Park. Utah is a stunning place and I encourage everyone to come see for yourselves.

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