Dancing with butterflies in Gotham and beyond 2011 travel blog

Threatening clouds as storm approaches

The taxis kept running

Times Square still glowing even in the middle of the onslaught

Preparations: boarding up Bloomingdales

Truly the city that never sleepsThe tropical storm Irene (yep,no longer a hurricane) has dumped a lot of water, but seems to have passed NYC without the extreme damage thought possible yesterday. The Evacuation order will be lifted soon, and the Markets (Nasdaq & NY Stock Exchange) will be opening as usual on their Monday morning. I just saw a guy taking his dog for a walk (swim!)on Fox news channel. So still have to ring travel agent this morning to find out whether my flight is going, and (more importantly) expected to actually arrive in Newark.

In the meantime,here at home I will have to get back to getting ready to go...repacking bags, contacting Visa & insurance, cleaning up my house for house sitter :) (Lesley Sampson)and maybe even time to get my legs waxed! Definitely no photos of any of these activities.

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