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August 31, 2011

Today was another exciting day, spent mostly at airports. We had breakfast at the homestay, wrote our postcards and said our goodbyes. We took a taxi to the airport where we checked in and waited around for our flight to Kuala Lumpur. The airport at Bali was pretty basic and we grabbed a drink, exchanged the last of our Indonesian rupiahs and just sat around. The flight to KL was only just over 2 hours but once we got there we had a long wait, around 7 hours.

Whilst at KL airport, we grabbed some dinner. The choices were wide and varied from Burger King to Starbucks to O’Neill’s Irish sandwich bar. Thankfully, we found somewhere serving Malaysian food and I was able to try Mamak Mee Goreng, which is a Malaysian style noodle dish and Elizabeth had roti with curry sauces. Much better than a Whopper…

The flight to Auckland from KL was an overnighter and I was amazingly glad of having the brat sat behind me. You know the one – the one kid on every flight who won’t sit still, won’t watch the TV, won’t sleep and has the mother who (excuse my language) doesn’t give a fuck. The kid decided to exercise up and down the aisles to start with until Elizabeth complained to the stewardess as he kept hitting her every time he ran past. Once he decided to sit in his seat, directly behind me, he spent the majority of the next 7 hours leaning back against the seat, playing with the tray table, grabbing my head as he tried to lean over the back of the seat and, on more than once occasion, kicking me in the head. Yes, kicking me in the head. On the number of occasions I turned around and complained and told him and his mother to quit it, his mother just shrugged her shoulders.

September 1, 2011

Amazingly, despite all the annoyances behind me, I actually managed to get some reasonable sleep on the plane. It was quite annoying that once we came into land, the kid behind me was asleep. I didn’t feel like just kicking him in the head at that point, I felt like kicking his mother in her smug face, too! When we landed around lunchtime, it was a relief to be on our way to a nice hotel where we had a private room and we could avoid children for a while!

We took the airport bus to our hotel and we were glad it stopped right outside. After checking in and dumping our bags we headed out for some lunch. The weather had been bright and sunny as we landed, rainy as we took the bus into the city and bright and sunny again now. That didn’t seem to want to hang around though as the rain soon came in, not too heavily though. It was still pretty cold as we walked near Auckland harbour and we were glad to soon be inside, enjoying an ice cold Monteith’s cider and a big fat burger for me and nachos for Elizabeth. At least here in NZ we don’t feel guilty about eating Western food!

After lunch we did a spot of shopping, alternating between the Canterbury shop and the Rugby World Cup one before deciding what we wanted. Elizabeth and I both bought world cup shirts as well as another couple of smaller souvenirs. I say smaller but we ended up spending a lot more than we anticipated! Still, we’re on holiday, right? Our budget for this trip is certainly not as tight as it was for our previous longer sojourn which means we can enjoy ourselves a bit more and treat ourselves but we’re still conscious of wanting to make the money last!

The lack of proper sleep finally caught up with us after our shopping trip and our short afternoon nap turned into about a 5 hour sleep! By the time we woke up we were hungry so we headed for a bar called Shakespeare’s for drinks. We’d been here before and they’d brewed their own beer but when we got here this time they didn’t have any available so we had to settle for more Monteith’s cider. We shouldn’t complain though as we’d stumbled on the Thursday special where all beers were $5! Due to the place being quiet, the kitchen was closed so we stopped for a kebab for dinner on the way back, enjoying the greasy, horrible looking but oh-so-tasty fare in the comfort of our own hotel room.

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