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Eng v Georgia at Otago Stadium. Weird roof.



September 18, 2011

Today we were heading back to Dunedin and had a long drive to get there. In total, we were on the road for about 7 hours although we had a couple of stops for lunch, which we’d made before we left this morning, as well as a short break at the Nosh café for some cake. I had a date and lemon slice and Elizabeth had a citrus slice. I was actually quite full still from lunch so we saved them for a pre-match snack for Dunedin.

We got to Dunedin about 2.30 and went straight out to the local sports bar to watch the Wales v Samoa match. We watched the first half which was really good and at half time we went to the stadium, the brand new Otago Stadium. We hoped they would have the second half of the Samoa match on there before the England match but unfortunately they weren’t. Given how they want people in the stadiums early and how the matches are quite close in one finishing and another beginning, you’d think they’d provide for people that wanted to watch all the matches. I bought a match programme for $15(!) and we sat around for 2 hours waiting for the match to start. It was really annoying as the stadium is really close to the city centre and we could easily have watched all of the Wales match before heading out here. As it turns out, it seems the second half was not as good as the first so we didn’t miss much!

The Otago Stadium has a roof and so the match was played indoors which seemed quite weird. England ended up beating Georgia 41-10 although the match was pretty tight at the half way point thanks to some average refereeing. The main thing though was the annoying England fans who were acting like total arseholes, having been excessively drunk and struggling to walk and constantly trying to start a Mexican Wave. I don’t like them at the best of times but when the match was actually quite good and worth watching, I didn’t feel the need to jump up in my seat every couple of minutes. I paid $40 to sit and watch a match and cheer on my team, not act like a twat. If that wasn’t bad enough, it seemed the England fans around us in the cheap seats were actually cheering for Georgia, even going so far as to boo the England kicker whenever he lined up a kick. The trouble here seems to be teenage idiots who are on a gap year thanks to mummy and daddy’s open wallet and think that wasting time and money and effort annoying others is a normal part of life. The “regular” England fans, like me, who have spent a lot of my own, hard-earned money to pay for flights, accommodation and tickets actually want to watch and enjoy the rugby, a fact lost on those who have everything handed to them on a plate.

We stopped at Velvet Burger for some dinner where I went for the spicy Hottie and Elizabeth had the vegetarian Animal Rights with falafel. We ate our food back at the hotel as Elizabeth was tired and her boots were causing her more pain. We had a TV in our room which was great as we were able to watch the late match, France v Canada, from the comfort of our beds before another long day of driving tomorrow.

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