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September 25

The Biltmore Estate is like the Hearst Castle, one of the iconic stately homes in America. Built through the 1890’s by George Vanderbilt the home was uniquely modern for its time with walk in refrigerators an elevator and a huge indoor swimming pool and gymnasium.

The house is huge with more rooms you can count and features artworks collected throughout Europe including large tapestries that hang from the wall. Opulence is the word that best described the house and furnishings. It really does show what money can buy.

Just as impressive as the house is the garden area. As much thought that went into the garden as did the house. In fact the estate was a very early school of forestry where people could come and be educated on how to best manage forest areas.

Something else that impressed me was the fact that a rail line was built from the nearby town of Asheville to transport material and workers to the site. I guess it helped to be in the railroad business to get this done.

Like the Hearst Castle, Biltmore was opened to the public to view, in the main to help raise money to keep it operating. It shows a lifestyle enjoyed by a few people at one point in time so for that reason it is important for the heritage to keep going.

Unfortunately photographs are not permitted inside Biltmore so a journey here yourself may be in order. I trust the exterior visions are enough to give you a taste of what to expect.

From my status as a very amateur photographer I became very excited at the opportunity to shoot around the pond area and capture autumn colours and reflections. Also very excited at capturing some butterflies playing in the bushes, I hope you enjoy them as much as capturing them delighted me.

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