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A very long journey into uncharted territory and only one member did...

The remains of Sergeant Floyd who died of appendicitus on the journey...




The monument is on a high bluff overlooking the Missouri River.

Stating to see fall color in the cottonwood trees lining the Missouri...

(Ron Writing) Before leaving Sioux City we stopped by the Sargent Floyd Memorial just a couple miles south of where we were parked. Sergeant Floyd was a member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition and died at this location where a small river empties into the Missouri River. He was the only member of the expedition that didn’t make it back alive – quite amazing considering the nature of their bold adventure into the uncharted lands of the west. He died of appendicitis. He was buried at this location and the little river was named the Floyd River in his honor. The headwaters of that little river are about 60 miles north in Sioux County Iowa about 5 miles from my home town.

We also stopped at a Fareway Market near the memorial. Fareway Markets are a regional chain of grocery stores and they carry some of the products from Casey’s Bakery in Sioux Center, IA. We restocked our supply of almond patties, and bread!

Late this morning we headed south on US-75, which runs south through Nebraska just west of the Missouri River. This is a more scenic and interesting route than I-29, which runs south through Iowa just east of the Missouri River. Our route runs through some very hilly farmland, the Winnebago Indian Reservation, and the Omaha Indian Reservation.

We arrived in Omaha late this afternoon and stopped at Costco to purchase groceries and gas. At $3.199/gallion for gas, it was the lowest price since last February in Arizona. Sure is a lot nicer than the high prices we’ve been paying most of the summer.

We drove a little southwest on I-80 to Gretna, NE where we are parked for the night.

Hercules achieved a major milestone today – his odometer rolled over to 100,000 miles at 2 PM just south of Blair, NE. But he’s still running as strong as ever and still looking pretty good. We really like driving an Avalanche.

Weather: Overnight low was 62°, it was cloudy this morning but cleared up by noon. It was very windy with winds out of the northwest at 30 mph gusting to 40 mph. Luckily that equated to a nice tail wind so we got very good gas mileage. Temperatures were in the mid 70’s but it felt cool with all the wind.

Mileage: Today - 120 miles, cumulative since leaving AZ on 4-6-11 – 13,205 miles.

Gasoline Price: $3.199 at Costco in Omaha, NE

Tonight’s stop: WMSC parking lot in Gretna, NE, 41.14215, -96.16666, 1,124.

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