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MSC Sinfonia--the same as the last one

That's our car-not far to walk

The Port..

..of Livorno

a more interesting view-for those who like bikinis

Sunset over..

..Livorno Harbour

Saturday 1st October 2011 Weather:-Again another beautiful day

Livorno, Italy-MSC Sinfonia

We only need to drive 50km to get to the 'MSC Sinfonia' tomorow so that will be easy. The MSC ship the Sinfonia is a sister ship to the 'MSC Armonia' so we should not get lost once we are on board. We have learnt a bit about cruising in these last seven days so we will not let as many opportunities for fun pass us by but we will see there is only so many things that one person can do in a day before you have to say "that is enough for now"

Saturday 1st October 2011 Weather:-Beautiful and Sunny

Livorno, Italy-MSC Sinfonia

Our walk from our nice little B&B in Lucca back to the Manzzoni Car Park which was only about .75 of a kilometre was as confusing as our walk to the B&B the day before. For two people who have been able to negotiate Venice, Rome and a few other intricate places it was utterly frustrating. We were armed with the local tourist map but even when we asked a local council worker to help us he stood and looked at the map for a minute with a look of ‘I do not know either’ on his face then he told us “a little way this way then a few steps that way, then ask someone else”. Either they need to put more street names up or put more info on their map.

The drive to Livorno was only 50Km and went smoothly. There is one thing that we did right and that was to book car-parking in both of the passenger terminals that service the MSC Ships: - in Venice we could have parked in Mestre for about Eu25 cheaper for the week but that would have meant dragging our cases onto a bus + bus fares and then walking from Piazza Roma where the bus stop is to the ship. This way in Venice we could drive to the embarkation building drop off our cases and park the car in secured parking about 400 metres away. Here in Livorno the car is parked right next to the gangplank, it is also secured parking so it could not be any easier than that.

The MSC Sinfonia is supposed to be a sister ship to the MSC Armonia but we find that the Armonia is a little bit more luxurious and up to now the food on the Armonia is slightly better. We are dining (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the main dining room and we are receiving top class service so that is good. Today we sat with an Italian couple for our lunch (he is one of the bosses in the Bank of Sicily) he also spoke a bit of English so with my little bit of Italian we could understand each other, it all makes for a pleasant experience.

We have on board a much younger group of passengers which includes a lot of children, and whereas the Armonia had mainly French and German passengers on this trip there are more Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and Brazilian passengers. We have not managed to upgrade to a balcony cabin and not being able to open a window and living under forced air is a bit of a problem for me but if it gets too much then I have made arrangements that I can sleep on deck if necessary and during the day time I can do my computer work (and pug into the electricity) in one of the lounges so that is working out fine.

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