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yesterday I had a chat with Dolly, it seems she camed here 6 years ago on a vacation and now is stuck here. she runs the hostel but has her own house and says she hate it here now. a few years back when I went to Belize I met a woman from vancouver who said that she came there 40 yrs before with her husband for a vacation and he would not leave so she was stuck there. Dolly told me this because she said that i was free to be where ever I wanted to be. the funny thing about that is that my whole life i dreamt of living on a tropical island and now I am here and realize I am not at home. The funny thing is that I loved Hawaii but hated belize and thailand. what is this saying?

I wonder when did my dreams change? and where is home now? This is alot to deal with on my own. there is no one to bounce ideas off of and to give me a different perspective. so i stuggle on my own. I guess all I can do is be open to whatt is next.

loved Nadean

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