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Dick, Bev, Nancy & Keith out for breakfast at The Bonta Street...

Our new living room arrangement

Friday we moved our rolling home to our old sticks & brick home in Graeagle, California. With the beautiful fall weather back on track, the house looked good and with a lousy real estate market, we'll hang on to the house for at least another year, maybe more. The market has really dropped and there are homes like ours that have sold for less than what we paid for ours 10 years ago. Fortunately we don't have a mortgage and we can try to ride this market out for a bit.

We unloaded some items that we haven't used during our first year on the road and brought some other items that will help our life on the road. A major change was to remove the sofa/sleeper from the living room and replace it with our 2 wall hugger recliners. There was even enough room to place a small table between the recliners with a lamp. We think it looks and feels wonderful. It takes a bit more space, but is much more usuable for us. We're going to try it for a year this way and re-evaluate how we feel later. This change came at a price for me, my back. I knew I shouldn't do the heavy lifting, but I did anyway and immediately paid the price. After the chore of moving things around, I laid on an ice pack and then alternated with heat which helped. I'm still suffering pain, but not nearly as bad as if I hadn't done the ice/heat procedure. This will be a lesson that I must learn, get someone else to do the lifting, it's just hard to ask for help when you used to just do it.

Next week the plumber will help us with the plumbing so we don't have to winterize the house every winter when the lawn sprinklers are turned off. It would be nice to not have the house and the expenses, but for now we'll endure.

Friday evening we went to The Grizzly Grill with Shirley, Ann, Nancy & Steve. Unfortunately, Bob was not feeling well enough to venture out but we hope is back to normal soon. We had a good time with friends and manage to have lots of laughs.

This next week will be very busy as Bev will get an MRI on Monday and 2 dental caps. I get 3 dental caps this week and we both will have our annual physicals, so as you can see, the medical community in Quincy will enjoy our visit. If all goes as planned, we will be busy this and then move to Sacramento on Friday.

The colors are beginning to turn here and the crisp cool nights should help them really pop in about 2 weeks. We hope you are enjoying the season change wherever you are. We'll see you down the road...........

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