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Roosevelt Home


Graves of Franklin and Eleanor

Historic Conversation

Oval Office in Roosevelt Library

Roosevelt Car

Walkway across the Hudson

View to the North

View to the South

Roosevelt Bridge

Walkway from the Roosevelt Bridge



Train Station with Walkway in Background

Our first stop in New York after crossing the border was the King Phillip Campground in Lake George. We spent two nights there. The Lake George season was over so the town was quiet. It was an uneventful stay.

On Friday we drove south along the Hudson to Elizaville where we set up at the Brook-n-Wood Campground where we had visited last year. We had plans to do a lot in the area, but it rained each day so our sightseeing and hiking were limited. Last year we ate at the Culinary Institute of America but didn't make it back this year.

Instead we visited the Roosevelt Home and Library in Hyde Park. We took a limite tour of the home that would have been far less interesting were it not for the stories that the guide told about Frankin, Eleanor, and Sarah (mom). We also took the opportunity to visit the Library-Museum on the grounds along with a hike for Arnie. Apparently it wasn't a full enough day because we stopped in Red Hook on the way back for dinner and a movie (50/50).

That day was enough for Sue, so it was only Arnie and I who headed out yesterday to head south past Hyde Park to Poughkeepsie where we walked the Walkway across the Hudson. Once the longest railroad bridge in the world, the structure has been rebuilt as a pedestrian walkway that connects rail-to-trails on either side of the river. After consultation with Arnie, I decided to do the 3.4 mile loop that crosses on the Walkway and returns back across the river via the Roosevelt Bridge and then follows a trail past the Amtrak/Metro station to our starting point. The bridge walks were very windy as the breeze came down the Hudson from the north, but it was a fun walk.

Today we are heading for Pennsylvania.

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