LIFES ONE LONG HOLIDAY - 2005 travel blog

Te Anau boasts NZ's deepest and second longest River and is yet another gorgeous place.

We decided to go on a tour as we had yet to do one in this country. We chose to visit the Glowworm Caves because it was a short tour (2.5 hrs) and the boat was enclosed so the journey would be warm.

Lovely boat ride for 25 mins to the visitors center. We watched a short film on the caves and then ventured in. This was an awesome spectacle as water raged through the cave as if a dam had just been opened. Came to find out that the water comes from the lakes high above the caves and is also responsible for forming the trails through the cave walls and, in fact, the cave itself which thousands of years ago was solid limestone.

It was really dark as well, so the only way to see the waterfalls was by the light of a torch.

We then got on a slow boat powered only by the guide pulling on a chain to get it to move. It was so dark you couln't see your hand in front of you -- and then suddenly the ceiling became illuminated by glow worms. It was like looking up into a starry night, or as if someone had strung a bunch of white christmas tree lights in the sky. The glow worms live in the caves and emit a light when they are hungry. The more hugry they are, the brighter the light. They also form what looks like rain drops connected in a long line. Insects get attracted to the light then get caught in the trail = dinner for the glowworm. You probably had to be there but it was cool to learn the power of nature in this one tiny species.

We spent the night at the best campsite yet! And who knows why but we were the only people there! The kitchen was huge with free bbq's and it was warm. And they had a tv room with Sky TV! Woo hoo! We cooked dinner and then watched 2 movies (Radio and Sleepless in Seattle) Was as if we had our own cinema. Had a late night, retired just after midnight, probably a record for us.

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