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At the Cardinals v Rams game

At the stadium









November 6, 2011

Today we had a long drive and an early start. I had tickets for the Arizona Cardinals football game in Phoenix and this was a 5 hour drive away. We’d had fun in Vegas but the hotel being so far along the strip was a bit of a pain and we probably would’ve done more if we’d been more central and less lazy. Still, we did plenty, ate plenty and spent plenty (without gambling) so it was probably time to depart! With daylight savings in Nevada we actually left around 5am but within a few miles we’d crossed into Arizona and the clock jumped forward an hour. The match started at 2pm and we had hoped to get parked up to have some beers and lunch before the game started. I drove the first couple of hours and then Elizabeth took over for a while. I could tell she was getting tired though as she hadn’t had much sleep and she was getting a little irritable. I’d mentioned a couple of times that I could drive the last bit into the city and eventually she got annoyed with me for suggesting it and pulled over! We stopped in at our hotel and found we were quite close to the stadium and as it was about midday we decided to head there straight away.

We found the stadium and found a decent priced parking lot fairly easily and headed towards the stadium complex. We were directed towards a couple of bars and even though it wasn’t even midday both of them were really busy. The first had about a half hour wait for a table and the second was over an hour! We decided to grab a couple of beers before heading into the stadium to get some food. It always amazes me seeing so many Americans drinking the big named beers like Bud, Coors and Miller when there are so many other options. This bar had Smithwick’s Irish Ale on tap and as that was the only non-pissy beer they had we both settled for that!

Elizabeth was still quite cranky but when we got inside the stadium I plied her with a hotdog and another beer and she brightened up. The stadium was really impressive and though it is a dome, they actually had the roof open today for the game, the first time in about 10 years they have done this. The game itself was OK although Elizabeth didn’t enjoy it and slept through quite a bit of it. I blame the lack of sleep last night, the long drive and the beers! It was a bit annoying though as I know she’d have been pissed off with me if I’d fallen asleep when we went to the LA Philharmonic. We had some nachos in the second half (which again woke her up for about 10 minutes!) and to her dismay, the game went to overtime. The two teams, the Cardinals and Rams were both having abysmal seasons and went into this game having won 1 game and lost 6 each. The offensive prowess of both teams was quite non-existent and the Rams even missed a field goal in the last seconds to win it. The funny part of this was that most of the Cardinals fans around us had flooded out when he was about to take the kick and then all ran back in when he missed it! This got even better for them as within a few plays of overtime, they returned a punt over 80 yards to win the match and Elizabeth sure was pleased she got to go home!

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the store for some drinks and snacks and we decided not to go out for dinner, partly because we were both tired and partly because we were both annoyed with each other!

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