2011 Triangle Tour travel blog

Wind blowing the flag and palm trees

Dust blowing across I10

Dust almost completely obscured the road

T-Rex attacking the Shell Station

Oil pipes traveling through the wind farms

Winnie at Cotton Lane RV Resort in Goodyear, AZ

Jobing.com Arena in Glendale, AZ

Bryz returns to Phoenix as a Flyer

Flyers win again

Arizona Celebration of Lights

More Christmas lights from the Celebration

Arizona Celebration of Lights picture from the web

I finally found the Santa Ana winds while I was driving today. They were blowing in Riverside County as I went through the mountains into the desert. Along with the winds came the dust in some areas. They continued to blow until I got out of California. I had a hard time keeping Winnie on the road. See dash cam video on my YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR4Nf9pBxUM&feature=youtube_gdata)

I made it to Arizona in time to get to the Flyers game despite the winds. The Flyers beat Phoenix tonight 4-2. The crowd was not nearly as Flyer friendly as in Anaheim, but they were still noticeable as the the Flyers went up 4-0. They are undefeated on my trip. The next Flyers game is in Buffalo. I think I'll follow them ...(nah). Sue I'm really coming home.

On the way back from the game, I drove past a field of Christmas lights (20+ acres). It is the Arizona Celebration of Lights and includes more than 7,000,000 lights and 300 animated and still displays. In order to see it, you actually stay in your car and drive through it. I was going to drive through to see if I could get some better pictures, but it was $20 per car so I decided I really didn't need the pictures that bad. I took a couple of pictures from a distance to give you a flavor.

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