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Elaine gets directions from one of the locals

Prickly pear cactus in bloom along the dusty road

Traveling through a bit of wine country on our way to Lamberts...

Razor wire fence surrounds our camp

This is serious wire

Our site

Look at all the fencing keeping us from the beach! Apparently safety...

Barb wire keeps us from the beach behind our campsite

Our campsite and ablutions block

It's a shame to leave the comforts of Felix Unite. What a fantastic place. Breakfast again at the restaurant before we leave to cross the border into South Africa. It's only a ten minute drive to the border.

Our group manages the quick process to have our passports stamped but somehow we get mixed up with the paperwork  proceedure for the motor home.Thinking we were set to cross, Al drives up, hands the border security his paperwork, and is turned back to complete another required form. This holds us up for time but the second attempt to cross proved successful. 

The Cape Namibia Route N7 going south is the highway we take to Springbok. Here we buy groceries but just a few since we only have very few days left. The main highway is good however the wind gusts challenge us to keep the big motor home in the middle of the narrow lane. When semi trucks passed we could really feel the push. Al had to keep two hands on the wheel at all times. It was this that made Elaine decide to take a side road in hopes of less traffic. We were quite spoiled in Namibia with most roads having next to no traffic. The R27 was just as narrow but way less traffic. Another bonus was the beautiful green surroundings of the wine country. Gorgeous, neat rows of grape vines cover the countryside. From Vanrhynsdorp to Vrendendal, Lutsville and Strandfontein we had the rolling hills and greenery. It is a luscious change from dry Namibia.

At Strandfontein the motor home gets to experience, yes you guessed it, another gravel road. We really thought we were done with these but perhaps one more for good measure. This private gravel toll road follows the train tracks. Can you believe we pay a toll for a gravel road? Oh well. Lamberts Bay, spelled Lambertsbaai, sat at the end of this road and we wanted to get there.

It becomes apparent that this little place is a resort town during the summer with every second sign indicating accommodation rentals for short or long term. Lucky for us it is not busy season yet so we manage to find a campsite with ease. We chose one site with ocean views with it's own ablution site. This has become a favorite amenity for camping. The sand is very white and fine. I really wanted to run down to the beach briefly to check it out but there is a chain link razor fence surrounding the camp site. It's a shame they feel they need this type of security. The gates are locked for now so I will have to wait until tomorrow.

The wind is still a factor as it whips around keeping the temperature cool. People mention that this weather is uncommon for this time of year. Dinner is eaten and cooked in the motor home because of the wind. The large windows enabled us to see the ocean, and the sunset.

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