2011 Triangle Tour travel blog

Downtown Staunton, IL

Fire breathing steel dragon, Vandalia, IL - blows a flame when a...

Gateway Arch replica, Vandalia, IL

Oil wells in central Illinois

Indian teepee and giant buffalo, St. Elmo, IL

The World's Largest Cross, Effingham, IL

Thanks to Tom and Pat, friends from the 87th Infantry Division Legacy Association, for putting me up for the night in Edwardsville. I was lucky because all of the local campgrounds were closed for the winter. If it wasn't for them, I'd have spent the night in Camp Walmart and a cold night it would have been. After visiting the Stiegemeiers in Staunton this morning, I headed east again through central Illinois. Good luck and get well Billy. I traveled along US route 40 for a little while and added a few roadside attractions to the menagerie collected on this trip. In Effingham, IL, we passed the "World's Largest Cross", nearly 200ft tall, which is taller than the one we passed in Groom, TX on 12/7.

Since it was getting late, I jumped on I70 to make up some time. We got into the Cloverdale RV Park in Cloverdale, IN after dark. It looks like no water tonight because all of the campgrounds water lines are frozen. I've got enough bottled water to drink and water in the freshwater tank for washing dishes.

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