LIFES ONE LONG HOLIDAY - 2005 travel blog

Hanmer Springs

Sulphur Pools.

The gorge where we did Our Jet Boating.

More scenery!!

Aimees orange trees.

Spent 2 days in Hanmer Springs - which is oddly enough known for the hot springs.

Yet another charming town we were happy to stay in for a couple days to let our muscles fully recover from the glacier climb.

We spent a couple hours at the pools themselves. Quite a sight in that it was freezing outside yet people were wandering around in their swimsuits! There were about 10 different outdoor pools to choose from with temps ranging from 35-40 degress F so nice and toasty and sooo relaxing. In fact, once in the pools, the cold weather became irrelevant. But you can only wallow for so long...

We also decided to go jet boating. We had heard about it and seen it advertised all through the south island. But to this point we figured it would have been too cold to enjoy it. This particular day it was slightly warmer so we decided to do it. 45 mins on a boat that moved by suctioning water and spitting it out (or something like that) so it can move in 3 inches of water. It felt like we were hydroplaning the whole time - nearly missing huge rocks in the water and slicing through small rapids like they were butter. We also did 360 degree spins and some other fancy maneuvers. I felt like we were in one of those 3D movies where you feel like you're flying thrugh the Grand Canyon or something. It was fabulous -- but we both agreed we could have lived without it. Was pretty expensive for what it was. Oh well, lesson learned.

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