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We were supposed to go to the Half Moon party but it ended up being too much money but I don't feel so bad about it cause some of the other people at the resort came back from it and said it wasn't that great. Instead Roslyn, Ella and I sat at the bar and started playing cards. Joy (the very sweet and friendly bartender) came and took a seat with us because the bar was slow. He tried showing us a game and we kinda got the idea but with the language barrier it was a little hard to understand fully. So we got him to play 21 with us and he brought out a box of colored washers (for bolts/screws) and we used them to play with. After a bit of playing a couple of guys from France asked to join. Let me also say how it wasn't just a plain blackjack game but we also incorporated poker rules. It was kind of confusing to explain but they picked it up after a while. Then a girl from New Zealand also asked to join because her 3 other girlfriends were sick from food poisoning. We had a cute little card game going when the owner of the resort came to mingle. He turned on the neon lights at the bar and told us we had formed our own party for the night. It was quite fun. So we went to bed shortly after we took a walk to the 7-11 to get a drink before bed. Yesterday we woke up early and had breakfast. Then walked to the tot he moped place and rented 4. For 24hours its only 200 baht which is around $6.30 and a tank of gas is only a little over $1. We got directions from Joy to Phaeng waterfall for some hiking. We asked a fellow backpacker (Michael) from Austria to come along because he seemed like a cool guy. So we rode the motorbikes to the waterfall and at the trail head there were elephants to feed and a baby monkey that was only 3 months old. It was adorable! They bought her from the locals because she was being held in a cage and she was an orphan. Only 5000 baht is what they paid for the monkey!! I want one soo bad! So we hiked up the beautiful waterfall. When we thought it was getting too late and we should turn down to get to the bottom before its dark we stopped to take some pictures and I dropped my camera in the water:( Somewhere along the way Michael went ahead and we never found him. We made our way down and at the bottom we waited but still nothing so we left him a note we would see him back at the resort. It was getting dark and we weren't too sure on the route back so we started our way home. I bought a bag of rice at the 7-11 and let my camera sit but I think its done or hopefully I just need to replace the battery because that is what got submerged. We ate dinner at the resort and Michael finally showed up so we all felt a little better. After eating I knocked out pretty early. That's all for now. :)

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