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The Famous Cloudy Bay Winery

A Vineyard in Malborough

Another scenic drive through wine country up to Blenheim. So you can probably guess what the only thing to do in Blenhiem is... yes, wine tasting. One of our favorite pasttimes - and presenttimes. Blenheim is part of the Marlborough region, known most for the white wines it produces.

We had every intention of taking a bus tour like we did in Hunter Valley. But there were only very expensive options. So L took one for the team and generously offered to drive and watch me get drunk.

We set off at about 11am and went to about 8 wineries in total. We learned that the best wine from that region is Sauvignon Blanc and every one of them we tried was excellent. (L spit it out, of course!) The favorite by far was Cloudy Bay. But several others came close. So much so that we bought 5 bottles from 5 different places.

L was disappointed because he's more of a red wine man. They suggested we head up to Hawke's Bay in the North Island for reds. Oh no - we couldn't possible have another day of wine tasting!

Believe it or not, I escaped with only a slight buzz. Sorry to disappoint.

So, we headed to the pub that night to watch the final State of Origins rugby match. (New South Wales vs Victoria - see previous entries). We asked if they were showing the game and the bartender said no because it wasn't on til 10:30. Oops! We were 4 hours early, having reversed the time difference between NZ and Aus. Oh well. Back across the street we went to enjoy one of our purchases from the day.

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