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Robert Burns wrote in his 1785 poem "To A Mouse,,," The best laid schemes of mice and men Go often askew . And so it is with our travel to Arizona. We had plans to leave Brookings - which was just a beautiful place - and stop next in Santa Rosa. Well we encountered some 'stuborn fog' that slowed our pace, and road work which on a few occasions caused us to just sit and wait. And winding roads. Before we left Josh said " you know that 101 has very curvy roads". Sure we knew that, but we had forgotten HOW MANY. We arrived at our planned gas stop in Eureka about 1:30 ( later than planed) , filled up, did a little shopping, ate lunch and suddenly it was 2:45. No way were we going to make Santa Rosa before sunset. So, we selected a new and closer destination - Ukiah and the Redwood County Fairgrounds RV park. Off we went, through more fog, more road work, and many, many more winding roads. We arrived here just after the sun set, picked a spot and settled in. We have enjoyed another nice meal and are now trying to figure out a simple plan that will be less likely to " go askew".

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