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Tony, Mike & Andrew had a great evenings fishing out on the...

AH Reed Park - the walk on our way to the Whangarei...



After a long walk through the canopy, eventually the Falls came into...

The Whangarei Falls

Another angle of the Falls after a steep climb to the top.

They call sandals - "Jandals" - how strange.

Another Maori Waka

Today’s agenda was to stay in Whangarei and visit the Whangarei Falls.

We took a drive to AH Reed Park, which is situated only 5kms from the city center and on the road to the popular Tutukaka Coast. After parking in the car park we started our hike to the Falls. There are paths, boardwalks, a suspension bridge and walkways all along and over the Hatea River and around the Falls. The falls were originally known as Otuihau and have been a very popular picnic spot since the 1890’s.

It was so serene hiking alongside the river and through the forest canopy. All we could hear was the chirping of the birds and the rushing of the river over small rapids. We stopped to marvel at the majestic Kauri trees and the stunning tree ferns. The New Zealand silver fern is especially well known as New Zealand’s emblem!

After about a mile hike we reached the Falls where the Hatea River drops 85 foot over a basalt lava flow. As they have experienced so much rain this passed summer (totally unusual as New Zealand usually has a winter rainfall) the Falls were in full flow - which was spectacular to see.

This cascading gem has gained a reputation as the most photographed waterfall in NZ.

I hadn’t mentioned before that when we flew into Auckland our one suitcase’s zip had been broken, courtesy of the airlines. So today after the hike we visited The Warehouse, which is their large warehouse type store, to purchase another suitcase .... we’ll deal with the mismatched luggage.

This afternoon is our first time since arriving that we don’t have anything planned - just relaxing and reading!!

Later on this evening our grand and great grand’s are all coming over for a fish fry - the guys caught plenty of Red Snapper last night .... so we are looking forward to the family evening together.

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