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Hello Wellington and the North Island



We managed to get up and made it to the ferry on time. As we were both good and hung over, we headed straight for the cafe for the biggest fry up we could get our hands on. Unfortunately, they weren't frying anything so we had to settle for sandwiches and a coke.

It was a long 3 hour trip, but as to be expected, it was a stunning journey through the Sounds before hitting the wide open waters of the Sea.

We arrived on the North Island in Wellington, the capitol of NZ, around 1:00pm. Had a look around town for a bit before we checked into a campsite. Then we had a nice long nap. Needless to say, it was a quiet evening in Louie.

The next day, we went to the Brazilian Embassy. See, I tried to get a Visa before we left on this trip, but they said they could only issue within 90 days of entering the country. No Problem. Just go to an embassy when you can on your travels.

Turns out it is a problem. Because the U.S. is so hard on Brazilian tourists, Brazil now reciprocates. They could not issue me a Visa at the embassy unless I was a NZ native. I explained my predicament but she just put her hands up and apologized for not being able to help.

"But my husband is British. Would that help me at all?"

"Great! He can get in no problem. But still won't help you!"

"Thanks so much for your help!" And then we left.

Hmmmm. Will complicate things quite a bit seeing as though we already have flights booked out of Rio. The woman suggested we go to any Embassy in S America. Maybe have a better chance there. Keep your fingers crossed and watch this space as the saga will more than likely continue.

We were not too keen on Wellington. Nice city, but a city just the same. So we opted to drive on.

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