Who knew... travel blog

Geared up and ready to go


See you later

Wait me too

Our crew having tea time in the cave


Really? We are really doing this?

Look closely above us for little dots of light, those are glow...

Whew we made it


"Cool adventure," Andre FINALLY admitted after Rosy had to drag him (and bribe him with wine from Hawkes Bay) up to the North Island.

Pre-glow worm incident:

Before we had decided to head North to see the glowworms, we heard that glowworms could be seen on a small trail up behind our campsite, so of course we set out to see what could be seen and low and behold, and to Rosy’s immense pleasure, there were glowworms!!! The sparkle from the worms started off scarce but as we headed deeper into the forest the sparkles grew more sparkly. We headed along with our small headlight when Andre suddenly grabbed Rosy’s arm and said, “uh, there is something up there.” Frantically we tried to get the small light on whatever was ahead of us.

“What is it? What is it?”

“ I don’t know….but RUN! It’s coming towards us!”

“Nooooooooooo! I want to see the glowworms!”

“Run Rosy, run. It’s coming this direction.”

“No! It’s only small. The worms are up there. I want to see them!”

“Go!” shoving Rosy along. “It doesn’t matter. We don’t know what it is. Just go!”

“No, it will go away. Just get a stick and go get it Andre. Go. I want to see the worms!”

And so this continued as Andre drug Rosy down the hill. Poor Andre only trying to save his loving wife’s life and Rosy responded by being upset the rest of the night.

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