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Finally got our photos downloaded onto the iPad to have this Journal's software reject them. Will find Internet cafe today.

We have reached Salisbury now. Left Oxford a bit late- getting some shopping done and headed to Henley to catch up with Kirsty at her new home. What a lovely place surrounded by fields and on a gloriously sunny day. Left there and headed to Lambourn which is a base for a number of horse trainers; again, beautiful land. Had a pub lunch at theMalted Shovel then toddled off to the White Horse at Uffington (3000 year old chalk figure cut into the hillside overlooking the plains).

Lots of yellow Rape (to cultivate Rapeseed oil) planted all around this area and it seems we have a number of scientists sayng at the B&B who are tasked with counting the number of bees in the Rape fields. The reason for this "interesting" fact is it gives the landscape a real splash of colour and looked great from the hillside.

After that we dropped in on Avebury where there is a series of quite remarkable standing sone circles which are estimated to have been 'built' about 2600 BC. There are a number of amazing sites in this area dating from a similar period or earlier including Silbury Hill which is a 40 metre high man-made hill (about 2750 BC) which makes it the largest of its kind in Europe. Apparently there was also once a huge Roman Village at the base of the hill (size of 24 football fields).

Anyway we are in a lovely B&B which Zoe and I stayed at when we holidayed this way. Great views of Salisbury Cathedral. Off to explore Stonehenge this morning then a day for little else.

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