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We went to the theme park. I went on the scariest ride in the park. It was called the abyss. I went on it with stefan. It was 185 feet high. It took us 20 seconds to get to the top. This is Daniel signing off.

The hair raiser (roller coster) was amazing mostly because Daniel couldn't go on it because he was to short! Me and Stef went on it together and I was screaming so loud but Stef was laughing at me! The best part was the loop the loop and cork screw because they made my tummy go funny, so then I got mum to have a go. Oh my giddy aunt she was going on and on about what if the carriage fell off the tracks? And I was like how on earth is it going to do that! Just when it couldn't get any worse a thunder storm came but it was tropical rain. lots of people left the que and mum was getting more and more paranoid about it. Evenchally we got on the ride and mum was hating me I got the man to ge the safety belt extra tigh but then mum wanted it the same but they couldn't so she was extremely scared. The ride started but mum hated it I've never seen her like it screaming crying but when it ended mum was saying are we doing it again likes he was about to cry because mum thought we were going to do it again backwards! So mum started crying and I was laughing (not helpful). When we got off mum was fine ang laughing at our photos! This is Lois sighing off to Daniel :)

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