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Rome continued to be a fantastic adventure. Mum got a lot more used to the pace of life and even ventured out on her own for a day while I visited some areas I hadn't seen in previous visits. Prior to that though we had a very catholic church oriented day with a visit to St Peters in the morning and the Vatican Museum in the late afternoon. There were fewer people queuing than the first day (thankfully). There is no charge to visit but you have to go through security, hence the queue. We got through fairly quickly and were inside in no time. The immensity of the church is indescribable. Every nook and cranny is decorated with marble and gilt. It is enormous and apparently can fit up to 60,000 people (it is 187metres long). There were many people inside and only when trying to view particular works of art did we feel very uncomfortable standing there. We didn't stay too long and instead found the Vatican post office to send a couple of postcards. Back to our accomm for a rest before we headed out to the museum. Again, the display of wealth and art is hard to take in. Room after room of highly decorated ceilings, art work, marble floors etc. I remember my first time there commenting, that I can't imagine how good the Sistine Chapel must be to surpass those rooms; but it does. You are not supposed to take photos, but with every other man and his dog doing so (and using flash!), of course I also snapped a few shots. It is magnificent and the colours are still so rich despite being competed 500 years ago.

Our last day in Rome was a chance to see bits we had missed (me) and relax and do some shopping (Mum). I visited some fabulous churches, each a bit different from the last. My final church visited was lined with crystal chandeliers! Glorious! Mum has already updated you on her adventures in Rome.

On Wednesday we taxied to Tiburtina Bus Station (where I had my phone stolen on a previous visit) to take a bus to Siena. It was a good trip and very comfortable and lovely views of the land and villages en route. We arrived safely and early inSiena and happily had only about 150 metres to walk to get to our accommodation. And every nice it is too. A small balcony with views over the Siena AC football grounds and clean and tidy. It has been operating since 1870 and is very close to the city centre. Mum and I had a bit of a wander yesterday and more importantly went to the laundromat. It continues t be hot here but we are getting more used to it and also make sure we head to our cool and calm accommodation in the heat of the day (or cool down with excellent gelati!). Il Campo is the central point for Siena and is fan shaped, large, hot, popular and great. Today Mum wandered the shops which are all in the medieval centre while I went slightly further afield. We met back at the accommodation and had another walk arond town (and a gelato) this afternoon. There is an excellent supermarket close by with lots of exciting things to try, so having dinner on our balcony this evening. (it's currently around 6.45pm and still about 25 degrees.)

Tomorrow is our last day in Siena then we head to San Gimignano on Saturday morning. Still continuing to have a lovely time and while wee greatly enjoyed Rome, is nice to be in a slower place.



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