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Boulders at the Lolo Hot Springs

Lee Metcalfe Refuge antique equipment

Cinnamon Teal in the reeds

Storm over Missoula

A coot in the reeds

Great Blue Heron

Beautful plant

Hooded Merganser on alert

Merganser takes off.

Merganser with her babies

Northern Shoveler

Great photo Ed took of the Shoveler

Maybe working on a nest?

Osprey in the tree

And, on her nest

Beautiful day on the refuge

Nice view

The Lee Metcalfe barn

Another view

and, another

Coots in the pond

Pararie Dogs live here also

Redhead stretching

Redhead pair

Redhead in the Reed Reflection

Alert Redhead

Red Winged Blackbird

American Robin ruffled up

Yellowheaded Blackbird

Yellow headed blackbird

Our time in Missoula was spent with catching up at the coach (washing it) a little consulting work for Ed and visiting Tom in the afternoons/evenings. We made several day trips including Lolo Hot Springs, Darby and a couple of trips to the Lee Metcalf NWR. We had dinner with Tom almost every night and we enjoyed the dinners he cooked for us as well as entertaining him at the coach.

Tom had tickets for the community chorale semi-annual performance. We enjoyed an evening with Tom and Nancy (Doug’s mother) with an early dinner and then the 2 hour performance.

We made 3 trips through the Lee Metcalf NWR which was only about 15 miles from the RV Park. The first trip was with Tom on the return trip from Darby. That was just a drive through to see what was there, and we saw several water fowl that were new to us. We returned with our good cameras and after stopping at the visitor center, decided to walk one of the short trails. We heard some birds in the trees, but with all the foliage on the trees they were hard to see. We returned to the car and decided to go back to the ponds for the water fowl. Some of the new birds included a Hooded Merganser, Cinnamon Teal, and a Redhead. We re-acquainted ourselves with the Lesser Scamp, Northern Shovelers, Coots, and a Great Blue Heron. We also saw a family of Kildeer, several Yellow Headed Black Birds in addition to the more common Red Winged Black Bird. An Osprey had a nest not far from the road and she sat on a dead tree and let us take several photos. We enjoyed this visit so much that we returned in 2 days for a short morning visit to the ponds for more good photos.

On our last stay at Lolo we had seen the signs for the Travelers Rest State Park. We did not visit it last September and decided to make a visit. We learned this spot was named by Lewis and Clark and they stayed here going to the Pacific and returning. A local group went to a lot of lengths to prove the site was the original encampment of Lewis and Clark. It was also interesting to learn that Lolo canyon was the route Lewis and Clark used to shorten their route to the Pacific. We also learned that Lewis and Clark stopped at a hot springs along the Lolo trail and it probably was Lolo Hot Springs by their description. We enjoy a lot of local history and wildlife our first 2 weeks in the Missoula area.

June 4 – Missoula, our last week and Glacier N.P.

We decided to take a 2 night trip to Whitefish with Tom so we would have a day in Glacier N.P. We left on Tuesday and our route to Whitefish included going by way of Plains and Hot Springs MT. We were a little disappointed in Hot Springs since we had heard good things about the hot springs. The town is very rundown with not many businesses remaining, at least not many we would want to visit. Overall it was a scenic route and we saw more of Montana.

This was our first trip to Whitefish so Tuesday evening we explored the area and ended up at a restaurant near the golf course. A little disappointing service and over priced food but that can happen in a new area.

Wednesday we made the trip into Glacier. We knew the Going to the Sun Road was not open all the way over the mountain but we wanted to drive as far as possible and then return. We made it to Avalanche Creek before we had to turn around. We then went back to the lodge at McDonald Lake for lunch. We managed to get a few photos of the mountains and McDonald Creek next to the road.

Thursday we made the trip back to Missoula with a stop in Polson to see the Polson Motor Coach Resort. We had heard about the lots they have for sale and wanted to check them out. It is an old KOA that is slowly being upgraded to a Class A Motor Coach Resort. It has great views of Flathead Lake but the lots were a little pricier than we would spend for a lot to use only 5-6 months a year.

Friday night we had a lamb bar-b-que for Tom and the Lawrence’s at the coach. It was a beautiful evening in Montana and we really enjoyed sitting out among the pine trees and enjoying good company with the bar-b-que.

Sunday we attended church with Tom and the Lawrence’s and enjoyed a lunch with them at the Montana Club restaurant. We said our goodbyes to the Lawrence’s and went to Tom’s for an afternoon visit while watching NASCAR and golf.

Monday we packed the coach and had breakfast with Tom at a restaurant with a large parking area for the coach. After breakfast and saying our goodbyes we headed west on I-90.

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