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Date orchard

Fruit trees


Salton Sea

Camping along the sea

Salton Sea Recreation Area

Cahuilla explained

Communication rock

Great White Egret hunched down

Egret checking out the water


Lovely beach from a distance

He's enjoying the water

Example of Tilapia

Kit Fox

Red Tailed Hawk

Camping & Picnicing on the beach

Smelly water

The birds don't mind the smell


Date Palm

Cheryl's "Date"

We had a fun excursion today with Mike & Connie. We drove out to see the Salton Sea, checking out the Visitor Center and walking on the stinky beach. There are dead fish on the shoreline and lots of sea birds.

We read all about how the Salton Sea was formed, and the history of the area, as well as the animals that are indigenous to the area.

“One of the world's largest inland seas and lowest spots on earth at -227 below sea level, Salton Sea was re-created in 1905 when high spring flooding on the Colorado River crashed the canal gates leading into the developing Imperial Valley. For the next 18 months the entire volume of the Colorado River rushed downward into the Salton Trough. By the time engineers were finally able to stop the breaching water in 1907, the Salton Sea had been born at 45 miles long and 20 miles wide – equaling about 130 miles of shoreline. “

It is still a recreation area for fishing and camping, however the increasing salinity in the Salton Sea basin has limited the number of types of fish that can be found there, and most fish currently caught are Tilapia. To read more about this place visit the Salton Sea here.

On the way home we stopped in on the Oasis Date Gardens and bought a couple treats.

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