Arriving Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is an awesome blue color with massive mountains...

The lake was loaded with people swimming and boating..

Beautiful homes all over the hills..




Floating homes...

Another view

Last one!

When we left Poulbo, WA, we had planned to stop for only a few days to visit the Leavenworth, WA area. Once we got here and saw how beautiful this area is, we decided to add more days and booked our site for a week.

That week went fast, we are still seeing a ton of things we want to do, so we paid up for another week in the area. :-) We have learned by living this incredible RV life, you don't want to pass up awesome places while you are near them. It might be years before we are back in this area.

We read about Lake Chelan, located about 50 miles from Leavenworth, and decided it was one of those do not miss areas, a "must see" lake. I can tell you it certainly did not disappoint, it is absolutely beautiful and we are already planning another trip back.

Lake Chelan is a narrow, 55-mile-long lake in Chelan County, northern Washington state. It is the largest natural lake in Washington state. The name Chelan is a Salish Indian word Tsi - Laan, meaning deep water. It is fed by streams from the Cascade Range, Lake Chelan has maximum depth of 1,486 ft, making it the third deepest lake in the country and the 25th deepest in the world. The surface of the lake is 1,098 feet above sea level, while the average width of the lake is one mile. See last photo added for more information.

We even found a wonderful campground right on the lake. It has monthly rates with full hook-ups for only $375 a month. The only problem, it's only for the winter months. We love staying in areas that have snow in the winter, but probably not this much snow, though it is tempting. :-)

Check back later for more from Washington, we have more exploring to do before moving on to Idaho.

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