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When we awoke the wind had died down. We got in to Mammoth and set up camp. Packed our supplies, walked to bus #1 and just missed it. Don't you hate when that happens? We talked with a nice old (I mean at least 80 old) about his fishing and bike riding experiences. He used to ride bicentennials. That's 200 miles for those who don't know. He had to stop riding 4 years ago because he hit a pole and woke up 2 weeks later. Didn't know what had happened to him. Robert, don't run into a pole!!!!

Got to our favorite fishing hole at Starkweather Lake, baited our hooks, and got our lines in the water. Janice proceeded to catch 4 fish, all rainbow trout. All Karen got were a bunch of bites, but not mosquito bites, take your bait and swim away bites. We ate fish tonight! Karen figures that getting bites and losing your bait is better than sunburned plumbers butt, Chris!!!!!

Don't ask, the text had us rolling.

Tomorrow is another day and Karen is determined not to get skunked again.

Gone fishin' again......

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