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Just stopping for a stretch

A stunning desert sky

Our first sunset

Windmill on the fly

desert flower

Setting up camp for the first time

Augrabies falls

Colorful lizard

first morning drive

Black hawk spotting

We had a wonderful first day on the road, and really got to know one another. I rode with Jess and Jacobus and we asked one another a million questions regarding every aspect of our lives. It is amazing what you can learn about a person when you spend 13 hours in a car with them. On our way to Augrabies falls we drove through lots of desert, we made a few stops to stretch and watch the sunset. We had lunch on a mountain pass with a beautiful view and eventually made it to Aurabies but only after dark. Setting up tent the first night was a bit of a mission, but we managed quite well. Chris's mom made mince for the first night so that was our first dinner together and it proved to be really good after a long day of driving. We sat around the camp fire and the impala club was born. We sang songs about the happenings of the day while Jacobus played along on his guitar. It was a long day of driving and we all went to bed soon after dinner. The next morning we were able to look around the park a bit. I walked around on my own and checked out the falls. There were rock dassies all over the rocks and a troop of vervet monkeys as well. It was a beautiful day! We went for a drive in the park with the jeep and Rupert and nearly had a collision, but survived it. The landscape of the park was stunning and we were all so excited to finally be on road trip.

P.S. I am trying to be my entries up, but the photos are taking forever to load...I will eventually get them up it may just not be very soon.

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