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Our last stop

One last Braai

One last impala club

One last sunrise

One last walk

After such a hectic night we certainly did not want to get up and drive all day, but at this point we really had no choice. We packed up the night before so we were able to just grab a bite to eat and head off. We had a nice drive and I enjoyed chatting to Jacobus and Charlie as the scenery flew by. We drove all day and it just about killed me to see so much coastline and not be able to jump out for a swim. It wasn't until about 9:00pm that we rolled up in wilderness (Mike's uncles place), and we were all exhausted from spending the entire day in the car. We were all greeted with big hugs from the Moglie crew; it was great to be united with them again, even though by this point they were all a bit inebriated. It really hit home that this was the last night by the fire and I could feel my spirits dropping. The site we stayed at was lovely; there was a huge pond just outside the chalet with a big tree (great for climbing) beside it and a fantastic fire pit. The bathroom was quite cool with and open ceiling and full of plants. Julian sat in his normal spot by the braai and Dave was in the kitchen preparing the couscous as mike told stories about his time in London. We all sat around the campfire and sang songs for what would be the last Impala club and we all knew that a great adventure was coming to an end. I have really grown to love this motley crew and am really going to miss our times together!

When I got up the next morning it was all a bit surreal. I walked outside and the sky was illuminated in bright red and orange colors, I climbed up the tree out front and just watched as the colors in the sky changed. People slowly began to awaken and Mike, Laura, Chris, Charlie and I all went for a nice walk around the property and Mike gave us a little tour. We walked around and looked at some of the other chalets and walked through a beautiful forest. When we got beck everyone was packing up and Craig said his goodbyes as he headed home with his girlfriend. We all jumped in the cars, said goodbye to our last camp site and headed home.

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