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Chuck arrived home safe and sound…at 2 AM. Kristy had a couple of hours of sleep already, having crashed at midnight for ‘20 minutes’…which extended to 2 AM! By mutual agreement, it was decided not to push too hard on Saturday, as we were all tired to start with. Eden’s wrist was more painful, and slightly swollen, so it remained wrapped and splinted for protection. Good thing we had a wrist brace at home already, though it was a little too big. Arrangements were made to bring Foxy to Kielstra’s for the week, and they’d bring her to Sally’s next weekend for the remainder of the time. In the evening, just before we took Foxy to Beamsville, we took the rig out for a loop of the neighbourhood…and noted that one of the tires appeared to be flat. OH NO!!! The plans the kids had to sleep in the RV so that we could just drive off in the morning without waking them evaporated, and everyone was relegated to their own beds. CAA arrived while Kristy was dropping off Foxy (and picking up a smaller brace for Eden) and gave morebad news – not only was the tire flat, it wouldn’t even hold the air they put in long enough to cap the valve!! Changing the tire was the only other thing to do – but CAA doesn’t ‘do’ that for RV’s. So… Ericway Tire was called… and despite our being told it could be two hours before they’d get there, we had the call just before midnight, and they were there by 12:15. They provided excellent service, diagnosing and fixing the problem, noting a potential problem in one of the other tires, and switching that one for the spare so that our trip could proceed safely. One final night in our own bed…

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